Alternative activities in Nafpaktos and the surrounding area

Rafting in Evinos River

Evinos river springs from the slopes of the mountains Vardousion and pours into the Gulf of Patras. Considered one of the most easily rivers for rafting in Greece and is recommended for the beginners of the sport.

The route starts at the bridge of Poros has a length of 10 km, it takes two hours, has little difficulty and ends at the bridge Hani Bania.

Shortly before the end passes through artificial barriers-the Olympic slalom kayak track.

Routes to nature

-Cross the gorge Foniorema, a tributary of Mornos if conditions allow. On the way you will meet two famous bridges of Rumelis, the “Kefalogefyro” below the village Katafigio and the “Amoranitiko”.

– Walk-in newer beech forest in Europe near the village Grammeni Oxia. This is a rare beauty, lush landscape that transforms the way real attraction.

-To get to the village of Agios Dimitrios which is 70 km from Nafpaktos to admire from above the fjord Evinolimnis artificial and photographic camera to capture the “work of nature and man”.

Kite Surf

Near the AKTI hotel on Gribovo beach, there is the ideal kite surf track.

Shallow water, flat with low waves but suitable winds is the best choice for Kite surfers of all levels.

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