Popular events that make Nafpaktos special

Good Friday

The procession of the epitaphs takes place on the evening of Good Friday.

The lights go out and the picturesque Venetian harbor is illuminated by the battlements of the castle and by the burning cross in its center, to the sound of hymns and the city’s Philharmonic, giving a dreamlike sight.

Representation of the Naval Battle of Nafpaktos

Every October, events and the re-enactment of the Nafpaktos Naval Battle are organized, commemorating the historical event that in 1571 stopped the Ottoman advance in Europe.

The representation in the Venetian harbor is spectacular with the participation of delegations from the countries that participated in the Naval Battle.

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The combination of mountain and sea, highlight the place as a holiday destination all year round.

Mountainous Nafpaktia

Small and large villages are springing up through fir trees, chestnut trees and sycamores.


Alternative activities in Nafpaktos and the surrounding area.

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