Mountainous Nafpaktia

A getaway different from the others.


It is a journey into one of the most mountainous regions of Greece, Kravara for the elders, Orini Nafpaktia of today. Take deep breaths and fill the oxygen that the nature so generously gives you at the slopes of Vardousia Mountains.

Small and large villages with stone houses are springing up through fir trees, chestnut trees and sycamores.

Ano Hora is located 55 km away from Nafpaktos. It is a beautiful mountainous village perched at 1,050 meters with cobblestone streets, traditional houses, the old market neighborhood, the square with cafes and restaurants. Just 5km from Ano Hora be sure to visit the village of Kato Hora. Following the path, Hercules, you will get to gorge Kakavos with the homonymous bridge.

Visit the Ampelakiotissa Monastery, built in 1465 around an old oak that it is still there , just 10km from Ano Hora.

Make a visit to the villages, Kryoneri, Platanos, Grammeni Oksia, Elatovrysi, Terpsithea and Limnitsa

Each has to offer a different history and experience. You will walk through bridges, wrapped by legends and traditions, climb the only wire footbridge on the banks of Evinos in Kareli, will see stone fountains beneath shady trees, you get to know the Folklore Museums in the region.

On the way from Nafpaktos to the villages of Mountainous Nafpaktia (at the 27th kilometer), you will find the Monastery of Varnakova, which is one of the oldest monasteries in Greece.


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