A lively, picturesque seaside town


 The combination of mountain and sea, highlight the place as a holiday destination all year round. The intense signs of history , such as the ruins of ancient temples , the castle and the Venetian port indicate the important role that Nafpaktos played over the centuries.

The first inhabitants were Dorians. It took its name from ancient greek words that pointed the construction of ships. In 1571 it took place a significant sea battle between Ottomans and Europeans where Cervantes was wounded, the famous writer of Don Quixote. For this reason, near the Venetian port you will find the Cultural Cervantes Park with the statue of the author.

The visitor should ascend the castle that is built on the hill. From there, the panoramic view over the city of Corinthian Bay is breathtaking. The path through the narrow cobbled streets is very beautiful with low houses and flowery gardens.

A stroll in the streets next to the Venetian harbor, the image at first glance looks like a postcard of yesteryear, is fascinating.

The city tour continues with a visit to the Tower of revolutionary of 1821, Markos Botsaris and also to sacred churches that are recognized as Christian monuments.

The heart of the town bits at the beach, the streets with the old big trees,the cafes, the restaurants, the taverns and the bars.

Starting from the town of Nafpaktos, you will experience unforgettable vacations because it gives you whatever you want. Mountain and sea. Coasts with crystal clear waters and explorations of the mountainous villages. Activities in nature as well as relaxed and calm moments.

The two beautiful beaches of the town, at Gribovo and Psani, have been awarded with blue flags. Both are unique, because there, the trees reach to the shore and give generously their shade to visitors. Also, they have the appropriate infrastructure to enable the visitor to spend a relaxing and refreshing day by the sea.

How to get there

Nafpaktos is 221km from Athens through Rion-Antirion and 271km from Itea Galaxidi.


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